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Name: Rich D.
Born: 01/79
The Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg (ILIS),
BFA Media Arts & Animation, Fall 2001
After working several years as a graphic designer, I came to Chicago and attended ILIS to earn a degree in animation. Cougaraphics is a small company devoted to creating illustration, animation, and graphics. I uphold a high level of quality in my work, and have been honored with an award from Showtime for my animation. In addition to freelancing chores, I've been designing characters and concept artwork for a game company called In-Fusio (formerly Cybiko).
When I have spare time (HA!) I'm usually playing the latest Playstation game, or mixing techno/house music. I also read a lot of manga, and watch a lot of anime (Japanese comics and animation). The Japanese style has greatly influenced my artwork (obviously).
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